Sell on EASEL

Not only does EASEL mean a greater share for you from every sale, but with the experience and know-how of the creators of Manchester Art Fair EASEL opens your work up to a whole new audience of art lovers.

Please read the information on selling on EASEL below, choose your subscription, and start your application at the bottom of this page.

EASEL will be marketed to Manchester Art Fair’s proven database of 35,000 art buyers from Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire, whilst an extensive campaign will reach thousands of new art lovers.

A highly targeted advertising, PR and digital year-round marketing campaign will reach individuals with a high net worth, luxury lifestyle, and keen interest in acquiring original art for the home, as a gift, or for a business setting.

Why sell on Easel?
EASEL doesn’t charge extortionate commissions, just a small transaction fee of 9% on each sale. Choose the monthly subscription package that best suits your budget to host your work on the site.

EASEL also has the option for buyers to contact you directly to arrange commissions and custom pieces with no middleman getting in the way.

Your EASEL subscription works just like any other subscription membership, meaning you pay via monthly direct debit, so no big hits to your cashflow or time taken up processing invoices. What’s more, you aren’t locked into a lengthy contract and if you choose to cancel, we only require one month’s notice.



Basic £20 +VAT - up to 12 pieces live
Premium £40 +VAT - up to 24 pieces live
Super Premium £50 +VAT - up to 36 pieces live

This subscription bills every month. The first payment is due on the subscription start date. Unless otherwise noted, this subscription is non-transferable. Your payment details will be securely stored in our system for the duration of the subscription. Cancellation requires one month’s notice and must be emailed in writing to

If you are VAT registered then you will need to provide a VAT invoice to the customer. Buy Art Fair Ltd is VAT registered so the commission of 9% will be subject to VAT as well. VAT invoices will be provided to clients on a monthly basis.

All EASEL sellers are required to sign a merchant agreement which includes all the terms and conditions for selling on the site. This must be done before login details can be supplied.

All payments are taken our payment gateway service and all fees are covered by a 9% transaction fee. Payment will be remitted to vendors within five working days

Shipping costs are added to the price and subject to transaction fees plus VAT.
Sellers are able to set their own shipping costs to different pieces.
We ask all deliveries to be dispatched within seven days or for agreement to be made with the customer.

You can add framing options to any piece that you wish to at an alternative price. It won’t need to be listed as a separate entry.

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