Artist in Focus: Mindfully Mosaic

What inspired you to choose a path of creating art?
I've always been a creative lad, but I got into mosaics back in 2015 at an art therapy centre in Salford called Start. It is a place that helps people with mental health issues and/or who are battling addiction focus their minds on something creative. I'd never thought about getting involved in this medium before but not it is quite literally an addiction!
Tell us about your main focus in your work and what drew you to that?
The main focus of my work is to closely match the original image and try to make an exact replica using tiles. And so because that is the goal, I've formed my own unique style over time using tools and tricks that aren't used in the traditional world of mosaics. I use saws, nail drills, diamond bits and engraving tools aswell as the typical files. I measure each individual piece to the millimetre so it all fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. And finally I colour the grout to match the tiles giving each piece clean finish.

What hangs on your walls at home?
Nothing interesting at the moment as I've just moved back to Chorlton. The only thing I've fully set up is a mini workshop I built into my house. I told you it's an addiction! I take my work home with me and carry on in my own time too.
What’s the latest piece you’ve sold?
A couple weeks ago I sold a mosaic of The Arctic Monkeys album cover Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not. It was purchased by the same person who has also bought my Sgt.Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band piece and my St.Jude album cover by The Courteeners.